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A former prosecutor who specializes in criminal defense.
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A former prosecutor specializing in criminal defense trial work.

Success where others have failed!

Experience and passion to get you the best results.

Success where others have failed!

Experience and passion to get you the best results.

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Deanna Kelley is an outstanding attorney. I have known her for many years. Deanna and I opposed each other many times while she worked for the Oakland County Prosecutors Office. She is always prepared, truly cares about her clients and has a very strong and positive presence in the courtroom. Deanna is a credit to our profession and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a Criminal Defense Attorney.

Todd Fox | Criminal defense Attorney

She is a terrific criminal defense lawyer, with a wonderful reputation.

James W. Burdick | Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer & Healthcare Lawyer at Burdick Law, P.C.

Deanna Kelley is an outstanding criminal defense lawyer and a well respected litigator. When she was a prosecutor, many defense lawyers dreaded her courtroom prowess and ability to communicate and persuade a jury. Deanna's ability to achieve amazing results for her clients is well known and many defense lawyers seek out her advice when an issue they are facing is unusually complex or difficult. Judges and prosecutors know that when Deanna Kelley appears in court, she will do everything possible to win! I highly endorse and respect Attorney Deanna Kelley.

Loren Dickstein | Criminal defense Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. Deanna Kelley is a top criminal defense attorney and great trial lawyer. She fights for her clients and has a proven track record with results. Anyone will be well represented with Deanna by their side.

Randall Lewis | Criminal defense Attorney

Deanna is a talented and hard working trial attorney. I have been privileged to work with her on several cases, and have been very impressed with her skills in and out of the court room. Her keen intellect, exceptional insight, work ethic, and background as a prosecutor make her a fantastic criminal defense attorney. I highly recommend and endorse this lawyer.

Chad Engelhardt | Medical malpractice Attorney

I've been a colleague of Deanna for many years and will tell anybody and everybody that she is not only an exceptional criminal attorney who has no problem bulldogging down any prosecutor around, she is one of the most compassionate and caring people who walk this earth. And when it's your life on the line, it really helps when your lawyer is a bulldog, while at the same time truly cares about you and what will happen to you. Call Deanna, she's the best!!!!!

James Amberg | Criminal defense Attorney

Deanna is a highly effective and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney well respected by both bench and bar. Deanna is an outstanding advocate and will zealously pursue every possible defense to obtain favorable results for her clients. I endorse this lawyer without reservation. Anyone that needs an attorney in the area of criminal defense would be wise to consult with her.

Starla Zehr | Family Attorney

Deanna Kelley is one of the best lawyers I have ever known. If I were arrested I would call Ms. Kelley. She is aggressive, compassionate, and incredibly intelligent. I endorse this lawyer.

Aaron Boria | Criminal Defense Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. I have worked with Deanna for over 20 years, and have seen her litigate both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Deanna is an extremely talented attorney who aggressively fights for her client's rights. I have referred Deanna many clients over the years and they all have had extremely positive experiences with her. Not only did she passionately advocate for the clients, but she was very sensitive to the incredible stress that they were experiencing. I would highly recommend Deanna.

Renee Gucciardo | Family Attorney

Deanna is smart, sharp, and savvy. She has the right balance of what it takes to get the best possible result for her client. Deanna is the real deal.

Martin S. Baum | President at Baum and Associates

As a criminal defense attorney, if I were facing a criminal charge myself, there are colleagues whom I would turn to for help and those whom I would not trust. Deanna Kelley is one of about 4 or 5 that I would count on because she has proven herself again and again. Whether you're seeking a plea deal or planning to fight your charges all the way by taking it to Trial, Deanna is the lawyer who will pay attention to those important facts that lesser attorneys ignore, and her meticulously planned Trial strategies unravel like an intimidating checkmate that Prosecutors don't realize they're in until it's too late. I'm not being forced to write this review, so let the very fact that I felt compelled to give this endorsement stand as a testament to Deanna's prowess in the courtroom.

Brian Prain | Criminal defense Attorney

Deanna Kelley is a consummate professional. She is bright, honest, very hard working, well prepared, very well respected, and does a great job for her clients. She is a credit to our profession and is the kind of attorney I would want to have by my side if I ever needed counsel.

Joseph Lavigne | Criminal defense Attorney

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